MAG-TEC Casting Corporation offers full services in the die casting of magnesium, aluminum and zinc. With die casting machine sizes ranging from 600 to 1000 ton, we can provide you the customer, products that range from just a few ounces up to 16 lbs. 



Most times die casting parts require secondary machining to meet the customers needs and requirement. Our machining services include multi-drilling multi-tapping milling boring turning grinding. No matter how complex the parts our machining equipment capabilities can fully accomplish the best finishing of your products.


Our quality department is staffed by a dedicated team of quality specialists trained in utilizing the latest in software and hardware to validate and control all die casting, machining, assembly, and finishing processes that attain and exceed the customer's expectations.


We provide all of our employees in-house and external training advancing their technical skill levels providing you the customer the best in quality products. 

It is our mission here  at Mag-Tec Casting, to exceed our customer's expectations delivering the best quality in castings ready for you on your production floor


We provide high quality aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings at competitive prices and look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

Offering a full line of services, you can find everything you need from one supplier that produces a high-quality product delivered to your facility.We offer you small company values with large company capabilities.